Selection of links to relevant texts and visual materials on the art of Dragan Ilic (articles, posts, reviews, social media posts, etc.)

ART ZONA RTS TV Show (2019)

Dragan Ilic na Ars Electronici, SEE CULT, 2016 (in Serbian)

Dragan Ilic na Ars Electronici, text in SEE CULT, 2017 (in Serbian)

Re/Evolucija, MSU, See Cult article, 2019 (in Serbian)

“Drugo Ja”, See Cult article (in Serbian),

Dragan Ilic “Roboactions”, SEE CULT,

Interview with Dragan Ilic, Novi Magazin, 2020 (in Serbian)

Dragan Ilic multimedia performance at Ars Electronica 2017 (videographer: M.Masur)