Project Description


Performance and Installation

Medium: 50,000 sharpened pencils

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Sidney Biennale, alternative space

Electronic Pencils XII


Medium: Artist, 5 electric drills, 4 planers, 80,000 pencils, three 7 x 4 meter photo enlargements of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, opposition leader Bill Hyden, and President of A.C.T.U.(Union) in the space of 5 x 5 x 3 meters.

Duration: 12 minutes

Documentation: Photographs, slides, video and film (Super S).

Location: Adelaide Festival Centre Gallery

Description: Before the performance the artist, along with five assistants, arranges and balances pencils to create freestanding structures roughly 2 meters (6 feet) high. The process of balancing the pencils takes ten hours. In the performance, the artist is buried with pencils out of which he arises slowly. With  an electric planer he destroys the pencil structures and slashes photographs. This performance and installation has been seen by 7200 people.

Human Canvas


Medium: Artist’s nude body, five electric drills, 100 felt pens, chalk, crayons, color and graphite pencil.

Duration: Approximately one hour.

Documented: Color slides and video.

Location: Brisbane Art School, Brisbane, Australia

Description: Student audience was invited to draw on artist’s body for one minute in various media with drills. Performance resulted in court appearance and а charge of obscenity. The dean of the art school and five professors were forced to resign. Artist was exonerated.